Learn How to Find Motivation

Have you ever asked the question, “What is Motivation?”

As a Health and Wellness Coach, I’ve thought about this question deeply, and I want to help you discover how to find motivation to workout, eat healthy, meditate, or pursue whatever personal health and wellness goal you have.

On this page, you’ll find links to all my videos and articles about motivation. I hope that I write or say something useful to you.

Yours in Health

New Year Resolutions: New Thoughts lead to a New You– Key Thought: Our thoughts precede our behavior, so if you keep thinking the way you’ve been thinking you’re going to keep doing what you’ve been doing. If you’re trying to create lasting behavior change your mental approach is just as important as what behavior to do.

Certainty and Motivation to Change Behavior– Key Thoughts: With more certainty that our actions will lead to our desired outcome, it’s easier to be motivated to start down a change path. Our need for certainty changes based on if we’re trying to tap into our intrinsic motivation or our extrinsic motivation.

Understanding Motivation:

Understanding Motivation 1– Key Thoughts: Motivation is an emotion and emotions change all the time based on the Situation. If we look at our situation holistically, it includes what’s happening in our body, what’s happening in our mind, and what’s happening in our life.

Understanding Motivation 1A– Key Thoughts: Because of the Body:Mind Connection we can affect our motivation by better managing our energy. Learn 7 Ways to Manage Your Energy.

Understanding Motivation 1B– Key Thoughts: Our Mindset and resultant motivation is a product of what we focus on and the story we tell about what we focus on. We can influence our motivation by practicing shifting our focus and working to change our stories.

Understanding Motivation 1C- Key Thoughts: Our motivation is affected by our energy and our thinking, but our energy and thinking are influenced by the structure of our life and the nature of our environments

Understanding Motivation 1D: Environment and Motivation– Key Thought: Our Environment can influences our motivation by affecting our body and our thinking.

Understanding Motivation 1E: Finding Self Motivation– Key Thought: We can use a 4 step self-coaching process to find our own self motivation.