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A description of the program is below.

Upping Your Optimism Game can also be delivered in the corporate setting as a group coaching program or 1:1 for individuals.

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Upping Your Optimism Game Group Coaching Program

Hey Friends,

I want to tell you about a 6 week online group coaching program aimed at increasing optimism and positivity.

I’ll try to keep it brief but thorough.

Why Optimism

Like many of you, when 2020 started I was optimistic that it was going to be a good year, and then COVID-19 happened! The pandemic has wreaked havoc on our mental and emotional health, but we are NOT helpless.

  • We can get our optimistic and positive groove back!
  • We can reclaim our joy!
  • We can be a shining light for others!
  • We can put the past in the past!
  • And we can live with a renewed sense of hope and possibility!

If you’re ready to kick your pandemic mindset to the curb, and step into the post-pandemic new normal with more hope, optimism, positivity, and joy keep reading 🙂

3 Benefits of Optimism

  1. Having a more optimistic mindset directly improves well being and can support physical health through the mind-body connection.
  2. Optimism breeds Hope, Courage, and Perseverance, and these are all important for motivation and goal achievement.
  3. It’s nearly impossible to accomplish a worthy goal or have a personal breakthrough without a healthy dose of optimism.

Flipping the Script

We usually approach behavior change and goal pursuit from a Strategy Perspective. If we want to lose weight, start a business, or accomplish something we tend to focus on what plan we should follow.

But, if you feel like “crap” it doesn’t matter how good a plan or strategy someone gives you; you won’t have energy or motivation to pursue it.

So, let’s flip the script and focus on improving your Inner Game and Mindset. When you feel good and have a more positive mindset, you naturally have more energy to pursue goals that are important to you.

Upping Your Game Through Practice and Play

The 6 weeks will be divided into 3 2-week games (aka challenges).

I’ll be the coach, and as a player you’ll practice and play as much as you want.

You can find teammates, fans, and cheerleaders in the community and maybe even recruit some friends or family members to practice and play with.

We’ll look at developing a more optimistic and positive mindset in 3 realms.

  • Life
  • Self
  • Relationships

We’ll start with life and practice with a 2 week gratitude game/ challenge. Gratitude is looking at our life through an optimistic lens by focusing on what we have versus a negative or pessimistic lens which would focus on what we don’t have.

Then, we’ll focus on self-compassion and practice with a 2 week self appreciation game/ challenge. Self-appreciation is looking at ourselves positively and optimistically by focusing on our strengths and accomplishments versus the negative lens of focusing on our weaknesses and failures.

Lastly, we’ll focus on relationships and practice with a 2 week affirmation and appreciation game/ challenge directed at any relationship/s you want to nurture. Appreciation of others means looking for what people are doing well versus what they are doing poorly. Sometimes when our pessimistic tendencies dominate, we over-focus on all the mistakes people make.

By discussing and then practicing these mindsets we can shift our patterns of thinking.

Is it a Fit?

This may be a fit for you if…

  • The Pandemic threw you off your mental game.
  • You’re ready to kick your Pandemic mindset to the curb.
  • You want to practice developing a more positive and optimistic mindset.
  • You want to learn a little more about optimism and positive psychology.
  • You want to be part of a community focused on increasing well being through optimism.
  • You want to experience what it’s like to be coached and supported in your well being journey

Time Commitment?

Knowing that many people have lots of responsibilities, I tried to design the program to have flexibility and minimal time demand while also being able to produce a significant result.

Program Structure: Zoom Sessions, Private Facebook Group, Coaching Emails, Journaling

Zoom Sessions (optional but encouraged)

In designing the program, I’ve wanted to make it informative and interactive with a supportive community, and I wanted to make it easy to practice and play.

The 7 weekly group coaching sessions (60-75 minutes each) are the only things with a fixed time, and I will post the recording in a private facebook group so that you view the info any time you like if you have to miss it. Mindset exercises for your personal practice can be done in less than 5 minutes a day, but you can practice as long as you’d like.

Next Start Date TBD

The next start date is TBD.

7 Zoom Sessions: During each session there will be breakout room activities where you’ll be paired with someone else to discuss a topic or practice an exercise.

1 The first Zoom session will be a welcome, introduction to optimism, and beginning of a 2 week gratitude challenge.

2 The second session will be at the midway point of the gratitude challenge, so we’ll have open discussion and breakout discussions about how your challenge is going. And I will also coach people around any questions or challenges they’re facing.

3 The third session will discuss self-compassion and introduce the 2 week self-appreciation challenge.

4 The forth session will be the midway point of the self-appreciation challenge and will similar to week 2 in structure.

5 The fifth session will be introduction to appreciation in relationships and the beginning of the 2 week appreciation in relationships challenge.

6 The sixth session will be the midway point of the 3rd challenge and will be similar to weeks 2 & 4.

7 The seventh session will be a celebration of positive experiences, accomplishments, and lessons learned.

Jump Start Guide Book

When you join Upping Your Optimism Game, you’ll also get a workbook to guide you through the process. It has key concepts, exercises, and coaching questions to reinforce what we talk about together.

Private Facebook Group (participate as much as you want)

I’ll create a private Facebook Group for everyone who participates. Here you can network, discuss exercises, practice, ask questions, or seek support.

The Zoom calls will be recorded and posted to the private Facebook group. So, if you can’t make a session you can view the recording in the Facebook group and go back to it whenever you want.

Coaching Emails

Throughout the 6 weeks, I’ll send emails with insights or ideas that may help you get the most out of your experience.

It will likely be 1 per week so you won’t be getting bombarded with lots to read.

Journaling (encouraged)

In addition to conversation and interaction, journaling is one of the main ways this coaching program will help you to practice different mindsets.

All journaling exercises are designed so that they can be done in less than 5 minutes a day, but you can always spend more time on a topic if that is what you want to do.

Summing it Up

When you join, you’ll get the following things via email… a program Jump Start Guide book, a Zoom link for all the Group Coaching Sessions, and an invitation to join the Private Facebook group.

Joining the Program

You can join the Upping Your Optimism Game 6 week Jump Start for $297.

When you’re ready to join, simply chose your joining option below.

Let’s do this!

Plus 1 Bonus

When you join the program, you also get a Plus 1!

Which means you can invite a friend or family member to join the program with you as a guest.

Having someone that you know go through the same process may make it more fun and memorably for you, and since our social circles are connected to our well being having a family member or friend understand the growth you’re trying to achieve may serve to amplify the benefits beyond the 6 weeks of the program.

I really want to make this as easy to join and impactful for you as I can.

I’m so looking forward to working with you.

Yours in Health

P.S. Still have questions? Shoot me an email and we can set up a time to talk.