Whether you’re looking to find motivation to workout, eat healthy, meditate or reach any health and wellness goal, you can increase your self motivation by better managing your thoughts and emotions through focus and story.

In the video Understanding Motivation 1B, I talk about how the situation in our mind affects our motivation. Watch Below 🙂

Focus and Story Affect Motivation

What we focus on affects how we feel. Taken a step further, the story we tell about what we focus on affects how we feel. How we feel affects what we do.

Focus: When we focus on positives that generally increases our feeling of motivation, and when we focus on negatives that generally decreases our motivation.

Story: An optimistic and positive story is associated with attempting, putting in more effort, and trying again after a set back. However, a pessimistic and negative story is associated with not attempting, putting in little effort, and giving up or quitting at the first set back.

It’s not always easy to change our stories, but with practice and effort we can make subtle or dramatic shifts that can move us in a different direction.

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