If you’re trying to learn how to find motivation, I hope my videos on understanding motivation help you along the way.

There is a body:mind /mind:body connection. What happens in our body affects our mind and what happens in our mind affects our body.

The biggest no brainer statement about motivation is this…

When your energy is high, your resultant motivation also tends to be high, and when your energy is low, your motivation tends to be low.

In Understanding Motivation 1A, I talk about 7 ways you can manage your body and energy to increase the chance that you will feel motivated. Watch Below 🙂

7 Ways to Manage Your Energy

In the video, the 7 ways I talk about to manage your energy are…

  1. Sleep
  2. Movement
  3. Nutrition
  4. Posture
  5. Breathing
  6. Controlling Pain
  7. Connecting With Others

The first 3 are pretty obvious, but the others also have an affect on our energy level and resultant motivation.

Health and Motivation Connection

Because there is a strong mind body connection, you probably realize that good health and vitality is connected to the feeling of motivation.

This can be a catch 22 for many people. If your current health habits are sapping your energy, you may struggle with motivation to change your health habits.

But once you take the first step, a tiny change in energy can start the positive snowball.

Beyond “Physical” Health Goals: 8 Dimensions of Wellness

I think it’s useful to look at our life holistically, and the 8 Dimensions of Wellness is may favorite holistic framework.

The 8 Dimensions of Wellness simply says that in addition to considering our physical health, we can consider our environmental, emotional, intellectual, occupational, financial, social, and spiritual health and well-being.

All dimensions are connected so Growth and success in one area can support growth and success in another area. Conversely, Challenges and limitation in one dimension can pose challenges to growth and success in another dimension.

So if you are trying to find motivation in any dimension (intellectual, occupational, social, etc..) your physical health and energy will influence your motivation.

This is one of the reasons, coaches often recommend that you perform your important and tough tasks when your energy is highest… we all know the feeling of no motivation at the end of the workday, lol.

Alright, I hope this was helpful in some way.

Yours in Health

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