Understanding Motivation is a key to Behavior Change.

And motivation is one of the top reasons people choose to work with a wellness coach.

Because motivation is complex, it can’t be fully explained or understood with just a single concept, but let’s start with this 1 idea…

Motivation is an Emotion and Emotions Change all the time based on Situation and Context.


Sometimes we are conscious of what situations precede our emotional response and at other times the situation that affects our emotions happens outside of our awareness.

When we can become more mindful of what situations support our motivation and which situations don’t support our motivation we can use that information when we make a plan to accomplish a goal.

Situation: A Holistic View

If we think about our situation holistically, we can consider what’s happening in our body, what’s happening in our mind, and what’s happening in our life.

And we can affect our own motivation by better managing our body, our thoughts, and our life.

If you’re looking for some combination of Motivation, Structure, Focus, Partnership, and Support to reach your health and wellness goals, I’d be honored if you choose to work with me as your Wellness Coach.

Yours in Health

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