The Power of Optimism

There is so much that can be said about the power of optimism, and since I’ve been coaching people on how to build optimism, I sometimes consider myself an Optimism Coach 🙂

Optimistic people tend to exercise more, eat better, smoke less, be happier, and live longer. Optimism is very connected to your overall health and well-being, and that’s why as a health and wellness coach I focus so much helping people to learn and practice optimism.

From Health Professional to Optimism Coach

I’ve always wanted to help people and physical therapy and personal training where the focus of my early career. During this early part of my career, I was obsessed with learning everything I could about the body so that I would know the best workout or eating plan that people should do.

As I evolved as a corporate wellness coach, I realized that all my knowledge was useful, but if I wasn’t able to help someone to find their motivation to follow through with a plan then my knowledge didn’t benefit them as much.

Then, I made another observation…

When people feel down and overly pessimistic, they rarely have the energy or motivation to pursue positive health behaviors such as quitting smoking, decreasing alcohol consumption, improving nutrition or exercise habits, or addressing stressful situations.

So, I found that when I could help people learn how to build optimism, they naturally had more energy and motivation to really go after their goals and achieve personal breakthroughs.

Why Optimism is Important

Optimism is the key that can unlock your motivation!

Optimism is a Mindset, and mindset affects our health in 2 ways: physical and behavioral.

How we think about things affects our physical health through the Mind Body Connection and how we think about things affects our behavior.

How to Build Optimism

Just like you can build up your arm and leg muscles with physical exercises, you can also build up your mental muscles through mental exercises and practice. And most of the exercises are pretty straight forward and simple.

As an optimism coach, practicing gratitude, self-compassion, appreciation, empathy, and forgiveness are some of my top mindset shifting exercises.

What we focus on affects how we feel, and how we feel affects what we do.

When we over focus on challenges, negatives, barriers, weaknesses, or failures we decrease our motivation for change.

Conversely, when we focus more on inspiration, positives, strengths, resources, and successes we increase our motivation to change.

Optimism Coaching

In my coaching relationships, we can approach building optimism in a global fashion or in a pointed fashion.

For example, if overall mental well being is your goal then improving global optimism can help with this, and this is the focus of my signature coaching program “Upping Your Optimism Game“.

And if you want to have a breakthrough in a specific area of your life, you can use pointed strategies to increase your optimism for that specific goal.

I think that you can practice, grow, and evolve on your own, but if you’d like to have coaching conversations and work with me as your health and wellness/ optimism coach schedule a time to chat with me to talk more about how I may be able to help you reach your goals.

Yours in Health