In this 5th video in the series on Understanding Motivation 1, I’ll attempt to help you find self motivation by describing a process in which you can coach yourself.

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Self Coaching Process

A simple self coaching process can involve these following 4 steps.

Vision: You can Clarify your Vision through thinking or writing. Connected with your vision, you can increase your own self motivation by focusing on the pro’s for change, your personal strengths and abilities, and the resources in your life and social circle that you can leverage to achieve your vision.

Challenges/ Barriers: You don’t have to list every potential road block, but it can be useful to think about the major things that may pose a challenge to you reaching your vision.

Brainstorming Strategies: Once you identify the barriers, then you can brainstorm strategies to resolve or deal with the challenges.

Goal Setting: Daily and or Weekly action based goals are the experiments and guideposts that you are going to focus your time and effort into. Each we you can assess progress and keep the same daily/weekly goals or tweak them.

I hope this simple process gives you a sample road map of how you might find your own self motivation through self coaching.

But if you ever feel that you want to work with a Health and Wellness Coach, I may know a guy.

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