If you’re curious about the connection between optimism and your health, you’re in the right place!

Our ability to cultivate optimism and positivity may be the most important skill connected to health, well-being, and motivation.

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Coaching = Questions

So here are just a few questions for you to ponder.

  • After watching the video, what is your biggest takeaway?
  • Is there something that you feel you want to start doing or do more often?
  • If so, what’s your next step, if any?

These questions are just a guide to help you tap into your own insights, so you can coach yourself about how to move forward. Let your strengths and creativity guide you 🙂

Coaching is Like Personal Training for Your Mindset

Wellness Coaching can be described many ways, but one way I like to think of it is that it can be like personal training for your mindset.

Just like we can do push ups and sit ups on our own, we can also practice gratitude and self-compassion on our own. But sometimes we prefer to work with a professional as a guide.

1:1 Wellness Coaching

If you are curious about how I can guide you on your journey to cultivate more optimism and positivity… click the link to learn more about my 6 or 12 week 1:1 Wellness Coaching Program–> Upping Your Optimism Game

Corporate Wellness Coaching

Upping Your Optimism Game was also designed to be delivered in the corporate wellness setting as a group coaching program. If you’d like to partner with me to boost the well-being of your team, contact me for more details.

There are many ways to improve well-being. And as a wellness coach, I feel that it’s important for us all to be mindful of the connection between optimism and our health.

After all, an Optimistic Mindset can improve physical and mental health, influence our behavior, and boost our motivation.

Well, I hope that my webinar was helpful in some way.

Until later…

Be well

If you want to go fast, go alone; If you want to go far, go together–African Proverb