There is a connection between our environment and motivation. In Understanding Motivation 1D, I explore how our Environment can influence our Energy, Emotions, and Motivation.

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Environment and Motivation

Motivation is an emotion that changes based on our situation. Our environment can influence our body and our thinking thus contributing to our level of energy and motivation.

Our environment can affect us physically, chemically, emotionally, and behaviorally.

Physically: When we spend time in environments that cause us pain or put us in disadvantage postures, our energy and resultant motivation will change.

Chemically: We are big biochemical factories, and what we are exposed to in our environment affects what happens chemically in our body. Exposure to natural versus artificial light is one major way in which the environment we occupy can affect what happens to us on a biochemical level.

In addition to synching our circadian rhthym, exposure to natural light can increase testosterone, dopamine, serotonin, and Vitamin D which are feel good hormones that support energy, vitality, and mental wellness.

Emotionally: What we see in our environment affects our patterns of thinking. Some environments foster hope, joy, excitement, and confidence and some environments can foster despair, fear, anger, disgust or uncertainty.

Behaviorally: What we have access to in our environment and the cues that nudge us can play a role in our behavior and motivation.

Coaching Questions

In what environment do you notice your energy shift towards motivation for a given task?

Are there anyways in which a tweak to your environment could support your target behavior and motivation?

We don’t always have full control over our environment, but if we can place ourselves in supportive environments or tweak our current environments we can increase our motivation to perform certain behaviors.

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