Are you a highly educated professional that struggles with some aspect of emotional well-being like overwhelm, depression, anxiety, or imposter syndrome?

If so you’re not alone!

To be a bit vulnerable with you.

Charles Inniss Wellness Coach and Speaker

Even though I have 3 college degrees (including a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy), there was a time when nothing I learned in school was helping me to thrive in life. 

I did what everyone tells you to do to be successful. I studied and worked my butt off. I got the good grades, degrees, professional credentials, car, clothes, relationship, and budding business.

But I wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

The business failed, the relationship failed, and I was left heart-broken, alone, depressed and deeply in debt. I had completely lost my spark and zest for life.

I can dissect a cadaver and tell you where every muscle and nerve is located, but I missed the college class on “What to do when your life gets flipped turned upside down”

A Turning Point in my Ability to Adult 🙂

A huge turning point came for me when I started my career as a corporate health and wellness coach for employees at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts.

Because of my background as a physical therapist and personal trainer, I initially leaned heavily on my education in anatomy and physiology to advise and support my clients well-being.

But beyond diet and exercise, many clients started coming to me with concerns about stress and mental well-being, so I started obsessing about positive psychology and read everything I could find from the brightest minds in the field.

As I worked and studied to support others emotional well-being, I started learning lessons to support myself. And it has been through coaching and self-coaching that I’ve been able to overcome depression and regain my own spark and zest for life.

It might sound cheesy, but now I have the joy and optimism I had as a teenager, but with way more wisdom, lol.

I literally laugh out loud randomly and don’t use an alarm clock because my body just pops me up full of energy with the sunrise.

Gratitude, Peace of Mind, Joy, and Inspiration are daily occurrences, and despite on-going challenges and a lack of perfection, I truly feel like I’m thriving in life!

It’s Your Time to Thrive!

I’ve supported over a thousand people 1:1 as coach, thousands more as a teacher and speaker, and I’d be honored to support you.

The world needs you at your best, and because I know what it feels like to struggle with my mental health, I’m super passionate about helping other highly educated professionals to transform their emotional world so they can live and lead with more energy, joy, confidence and peace of mind.

You’re an amazing person with strengths, talents, and a whole list of accomplishments to your name.

Maybe you’ve been…

  • A successful student who earned academic awards and multiple college degrees
  • An athlete who mastered a sport or took your body to new limits
  • An entrepreneur who started from nothing and built a successful company
  • A gifted musician, singer, or artist that spent thousands of hours honing your skill
  • A dedicated worker that climbed the corporate ladder and created a great career life
  • A parent or caregiver with the compassion, wisdom, and skill to uplift and support others

Your life is filled with stories of your ability to learn and grown and achieve!

With dedication and intellect, you’ve mastered many things in your life already.

But maybe something happened to throw you off your mental game, and the one thing that’s missing in your life right now is mastery of your Inner Emotional Game.

Mastering Your Inner Emotional Game

What do Stress, Burn Out, Anxiety, Worry, Low Confidence, and Imposter Syndrome all have in common?

They are all negative emotional states.

And here’s the good news…

You have agency over your emotional states, and one of the best ways to combat a negative state is to get better at generating a positive state.

When you learn to master your emotions you can replace burn out, anxiety, and Imposter Syndrome with joy, energy, confidence, and serenity.

Changing the Outside versus Changing the Inside

In our society we tend to hyper-focus on achieving well-being by changing something on the outside.

  • Change the clothes
  • Change the hair
  • Change the scale
  • Change the car
  • Change the job
  • Change the house
  • Change the spouse
  • Change other people

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that there is no value in changing things that are outside of you.

But, all of your experience is internal, which means that thriving, well-being, and happiness is created internally.

This explains why…

You can achieve something like getting a promotion, earning a degree, or completing another certification but still not feel confident in your ability.

This explains why…

You can lose 20 pounds and get to a healthy weight, but still hate your body.

This explains why…

You can have all the money in the world, but still be depressed and languish in life.

Focusing on changing the outside sometimes leads to thriving, but the internal path is a more predictable and sustainable way to live a life that brings you joy, excitement, fulfillment, and peace.

Upgrading your inner emotional skills is the best way to upgrade your emotional experiences.

College Teaches us to Thrive in our Careers but Not Emotionally

Since they don’t teach us about emotional thriving in college, most us learn from the “School of Hard Knocks”.

But Emotional Thriving is a collection of mental skills that can be learned, and Thriving Emotionally flows from positive mental habits that can be developed.

Imagine living a life filled with meaning and purpose that instead of draining you, actually energizes you!

You wake up each day and you’re filled with confidence and joy, and at the end of the day a sense of serenity washes over you as you look back and realize you’re living with purpose and passion.  Imagine you’re living your best life now!

All of this and more is possible for you in the right moment, with the right plan, and the right coach.

Setting the Table for Growth

In my 10+ years of coaching, I’ve found 3 things really help people to grow.

  1. Knowledge of what to do
  2. A structured way to practice and do what you know
  3. Support

The Biggest Mistake That Smart People Make Regarding Personal Growth

When we are trying to grow and improve, one big mistake we make is that we stop at knowledge.

Sometimes when we learn something new, it feels like we’ve solved the problem. We read a book, research the internet, talk to wise counsel, or seek a trained professional. And once we “know” the “answer”, we get a feeling of “yay, we did it”.

But knowledge that is not acted upon is less useful. We can know that gratitude supports emotional well-being but if we never practice gratitude, then we don’t benefit from that knowledge.

Our emotional states are driven by our mental skills and our mental habits.

And the only way develop skills and habits is through practice.

Practicing for Emotional Thriving

When was the last time you intentionally worked out your mindset and exercised your thinking?

We all know that a key to a healthy physical body is to exercise our muscles, heart, and lungs.

Well, a key to a healthy mental and emotional life is to workout our mindset and exercise our thinking.

  • If your gratitude muscles are weak, you’re less able to carry life’s inevitable disappointments.
  • If your hope muscles are weak, you won’t be able to climb the mountain of success.
  • If your self-appreciation muscles are weak, you won’t be able to push yourself past your fears and doubts.

You can transform your emotional experiences by working out your mindset.

Transform Your Emotional Life

In working with busy professionals, I know people need an easy and convenient way to learn the positive psychology skills that lead to thriving.

And I also know that people need a supported and structured way to train their brains to create a thriving mindset while also developing thriving mental habits.

And that’s why I created… The Emotional Makeover Masterclass!

What is the Emotional Makeover Masterclass

The Emotional Makeover Masterclass is my signature 12 week 1:1 coaching program designed to dramatically transform any negative emotional state, including burn out, anxiety, overwhelm, Imposter Syndrome, low confidence, depression etc… into a more positive emotional state.

It’s like a college class on thriving emotionally combined with a workout program for your mindset and 1:1 support in the form of coaching.

The program uses the best research from positive psychology, and it is based on my 10+ years of coaching professionals 1:1 to get more energy, joy, confidence, and peace of mind.

And I am confident that I can help you too!

You might be like my client Shelly.

Shelly’s Story

Shelly struggled with depression for what seemed like her whole life, and despite being highly educated and successful in her career, she had just about given up on being anything but a depressed and unhappy person.

When she joined the Emotional Makeover Masterclass she really committed to doing the work and used her strengths and intellect to write a whole new story of what was possible for herself.

3 weeks in, she mentioned that her mom had started to notice a difference in her attitude, and by week 6 she had a major breakthrough. During our week 6 coaching session, she paid me the highest compliment when she said that my course had been life-changing for her!

I promptly reminded her that she was the one doing the work. She was the one journaling and thinking and digging deep. She was the one learning and practicing and dreaming and growing.

I simply provided a framework and some support, but she was the true hero of the story!

In her own words…

I have never been a “glass-half-full” person; I needed a thoroughly researched case for having a more optimistic outlook! Then I needed exercises, practices, and coaching sessions that taught me how to change my mindset without abandoning my analytical nature or realistic perspective. I started the Mindset Makeover because I already had the other elements that I’d strived for in my life, but I often wasn’t happy on a day-to-day basis. I’m so grateful to Charles for building this curriculum and conveying his extensive well-being knowledge in a way that was actionable and attainable for me. Working with him was truly a life changing experience.” Shelly M.

If it worked for Shelly, it can work for you too.

Get Your Groove Back in 12 Weeks or Less: Overview of the Emotional Makeover Masterclass

Here’s a Bird’s Eye View of my process to help you to transform stress and self talk so you can go from burnt out and languishing to thriving, energetic, joyful, confident, and serene in 12 weeks or less.

Module 1 Designing Your Dream Emotional Blueprint

Learn how to use your unique value and strengths profile to develop clarity of purpose. This will immediately decrease overwhelm and boost confidence.  Creating a compelling vision will give you a boost of energy and a surge of motivation.

Module 2 Makeover Part 1: Transforming Stress and Banishing Burnout

Learn how to transform Threats into Challenges so that you feel more confident and less anxious.  Strengthen your Meaning Making Skills to turn challenges into opportunities to live out your values and purpose. Create small shifts that energize you, uplift you, and add more fulfillment to your day so you can banish burnout and live a life of zest and passion.

Module 3 Makeover Part 2: Transforming Self Talk and Taming Your Critic

Go from being your own worst critic to your own best friend. This mental skill will ignite your self-care routine and dramatically improve your energy and confidence. You’ll also experience the serenity and calm that comes from feeling that you are enough, while also feeling the pride, self-assurance, and deep satisfaction for all the good you’re doing for yourself and others.

Module 4 Makeover Part 3: Transforming Experience: The Art of Thriving

Master the art of thriving so that you can handle any situation that comes your way with poise and grace and still flourish and thrive no matter what life throws at you.  Put the finishing touches on your emotional makeover by deepening your connection to what brings you joy and develop a routine that constantly renews you.

Module 5: The Big Reveal: Appreciate and Celebrate!

Take a step back and revel in all you’ve accomplished. Celebrate your wins to remind you of your ability and ground you in the knowledge that you can succeed and thrive moving forward. Develop your maintenance blueprint so that you can sustain your positive changes for the rest of your life.

How I’ll help You Get to Mission Accomplished

1:1 Coaching Sessions (Your Transformational Conversations)

Weekly 1:1 Coaching Sessions can be a powerful form of support, transformation, and accountability.

There’s nothing that is more transformational than a conversation with a skilled and empathetic coach.  In 1:1 sessions you can focus specifically on your needs, your questions, and your goals so that you grow in the exact direction that is most important for you.

Coaching equals listening, reflecting, and conversation.  Instead of someone telling you what to do, you’ll have a non-judgmental, attentive, and empathetic sounding board.  And this style of communication is best for processing negative emotions, gaining clarity, and summoning the courage and motivation to act.

Imagine sitting across from a wise and patient coach, whose sole purpose in that moment is to be there for you and help you become the best version of yourself so that you can live the life you dream of.  This type of support is invaluable.

Video Trainings (Your Classes and Lectures)

I’ve done all the research work and have organized the best information from hundreds of psychology books and thousands of coaching conversations from my years of practice to help you transform your emotional well-being.

A library of cutting-edge coaching psychology waits for you all in one spot, and you can access it on your own time when it’s convenient for you.

In the training videos, I will act as your personal guide and teacher, so all you have to do is follow my lead step-by-step.  

Follow along Done for You Daily Optimism and Mindset Workouts (Your Way to Practice)

Not sure how to effectively train your mental and emotional muscles?  Just follow along with done for you video workouts based on my unique process which combines 4 proven emotional well-being tools. This is one of the fastest methods to radical transformation.

Stronger optimism muscles are the key to feeling more peace, confidence, joy, and meaning and you can strengthen your mindset in minutes a day.  All you have to do is follow along.

In a Nutshell

The Emotional Makeover Masterclass includes

  • 12 1:1 Coaching Sessions
  • 12 Done for you Mindset Workouts
  • Weekly Video Trainings to teach you the best of positive psychology
  • Gamified delivery of Workouts and Trainings for structure and motivation to keep practicing

Achieving Your Emotional Makeover and Transformation

When I started my career as a physical therapist and personal trainer, I was determined to help people to transform their bodies, but now as a well-being coach I’m determined to help people to transform their emotional world.

Some people work with a personal trainer to get exercises and workouts for their body. In the Emotional Makeover Masterclass, you’ll get exercises and a workout plan to for your mindset.

As a coach, I’ve supported so many people at bringing more energy, joy, confidence, and serenity into their lives and I would be my absolute pleasure to support you too!

Book Your Complimentary Emotional Makeover Strategy Session

If I said something that resonates with you, and you want to get your positivity groove back so you can live and lead with joy and confidence, let’s chat. 

During your complimentary Emotional Makeover Strategy Session I want to hear your story.

What’s your top emotional well-being challenge?

What’s your top emotional well-being goal?

What have you tried in the past?

We’ll discuss how to go from where you are to where you want to be, an during the session, I can help you take some big steps towards getting your positivity groove back.

To schedule your Emotional Makeover Strategy Session…

Simply email me at

Or submit a request from the website contact form and I’ll get back to you asap to schedule your session.

I’m a no pressure kinda guy. I coach because I believe in the human spirit and in your ability to do great things in your life. I coach to be of service.

For 20+ years, I have been working professionally to support people physically, mentally, and emotionally as a physical therapist, personal trainer, and corporate wellness coach.

And I’d be honored to be your coach, but let’s just start with a conversation and Strategy Session.

Looking forward to connecting with you.

Your Emotional Well-Being Coach