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Dynamic Keynotes and Wellness Workshops that will leave them asking for more!

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Working with Me is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Keynote Speech or Workshop

2. 30-90 Day Wellness Challenges: Virtual or Hybrid (in person & virtual)

3. 1:1 or Small Group Wellness Coaching (Virtual or Hybrid)

Let’s Start with 1 and go from There

1. Keynote: If you’re considering how a wellness coach can improve your employees’ well being, might I suggest that you start by bringing me in for a Keynote Speech on a Wellness topic that is relevant for your team.

2: 30-90 Day Wellness Challenge: After the Keynote, if employees are clamoring for an opportunity to work with me, we can discuss how I can facilitate a 30-90 Day Group Online Wellness Challenge for all the people in the company that want to participate.

3. 1:1 or Small Group Coaching: If after the Wellness Challenge, you and the team feel you’d like even more individual and personal coaching, we can discuss this option.

For nearly 8 years, I did all of these things for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mass employees, and if interested you can read more about my corporate wellness coaching experience with BCBSMA.

3 Benefits to the 1,2,3 Approach

This model solves 3 challenges.

First, many speakers are not set up to follow up with participants in a meaningful, structured, and scalable way.

So as an HR manager or talent scout, you may bring in a dynamic speaker that your team loves but after that initial 60 minute presentation there is no way to capitalize on the momentum generated from the keynote.

Second, You and your team get to experience me as a coach and presenter. Thus, you can survey the pulse of your organization and get direct feedback from your employees before making a decision to partner with me as your corporate wellness coach.

Third, You have the flexibility to partner with me during months where the scheduling and workflow makes the most sense for your organization.

Anyone, who has hired or worked as a full-time corporate coach knows that there are times during the year where participation in wellness programs drop significantly because of personal (holidays) or professional (peak season) realities.

Let’s Chat!

If you have been contemplating ways to increase your employee health and well being, I’d love to talk with you to see if there is a way I can help you bring your vision into a reality 🙂

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Yours in Health