I’ve spent almost 8 years working as an onsite corporate health and wellness coach for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, and now I can use all that experience to help you improve your employee’s well being.

Working With Me is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

As a wellness coach, I can provide…

  • Keynote speeches/ Workshops on Health Topics
  • 30-90 Day Online Group Wellness Challenges
  • 1:1 / Group Wellness Coaching

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Sample Client Projects

Unifirst: 4 Hour Corporate Wellness Workshop

BCBS of MA Onsite Wellness Coach

While working as the onsite wellness coach at Blue Cross, I did 1:1 coaching sessions, small group coaching, lectured on various health topics, taught exercise and meditation classes, wrote a coaching newsletter, and worked with business areas on their team specific wellness initiatives.

1:1 Coaching: I worked 1:1 with over 1000 different employees, delivering well over 5000 individual sessions.

Seminars/Workshops/Lunch and Learns: In my corporate wellness career, I developed curriculum for 30+ health lectures including, but not limited to, the following topics.

  • Mindfulness, Stress Mastery and emotional well being series,
  • Positive psychology and emotional thriving series,
  • Holistic perspective on Health and Wellness
  • Behavior Change and Goal Setting
  • Weight loss
  • Orthopedic and joint health series,
  • Motivation to exercise series, and more.

Topics were repeated to give employees various opportunities to attend when the time or need arose. Since Blue Cross had a large work from home base before the pandemic, I also conducted every in person lecture topic online or via teleconference, and during the pandemic continued to lecture online. Thus, I am prepared to present virtually.

In total in this role, I presented around 1000 seminars/lunch and learn presentations and have a mastery of the content.  Outside of this role, I have an extensive teaching background and spent about 15 years teaching health and fitness professionals from a large university to major fitness organizations.  I teach therefore I am 🙂

At Blue Cross, when asked I would work with a specific team or business area to create customized workshops and presentations. It varied from 10 minute stretch breaks or facilitating wellness challenges for small teams all the way to in-person keynotes for 250+ people. During the pandemic I facilitated a live workshop for 300+ people online titled Making the Best of Working from Home: Shifting your mindset for Thriving.

Exercise Classes: I taught various exercises classes, Stretching to Undo Sitting, Core Strengthening and Stretching for your Lower Back, Total Body Workout, Intro to Tai Chi, and also had a series of physical therapy like exercises classes such as Taking Care of your Knees, or Taking Care of Your Shoulders.

Coaching Newsletter: I wrote a motivational coaching newsletter. Sometimes there would be “health information” in the newsletter, but it was more often about mindset, psychology, behavior change, or coaching principles. 

My newsletter was something that I was very proud of, and people would often ask me if they could forward my messages to friends or family outside of the company.  I only added people who I interacted with in some health coaching capacity (1:1, lectures, or exercise classes) and it was over 1900 people.  I saw the newsletter as a way for me to communicate coaching concepts, strengthen relationships, and keep the momentum going in between when I could see people in person.

I’ve got lots of ideas and lots of experience, so let’s chat to see how I might be able to serve you and your organization.

In addition, if you are planning on starting a corporate wellness program or would like to increase engagement or expand your current wellness offerings, I can consult with you on potential project ideas.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you.

Yours in Health

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