I’ve spent almost 8 years working as an onsite corporate health and wellness coach for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, and now I can use all that experience to help you improve your employee’s well being.

Working With Me is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

As a wellness coach, I can provide…

  • Keynote speeches/ Workshops on Health Topics
  • 30-90 Day Online Group Wellness Challenges
  • 1:1 / Group Wellness Coaching

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Signature Coaching Program: Upping Your Optimism Game

I was inspired to create the group coaching program “Upping Your Optimism Game” by the COVID-19 Pandemic, and I feel that our ability to cultivate optimism is the most important skill connected to well-being.

Not only does optimism directly improve physical and mental health, but from a behavioral perspective it’s a double-edge positivity sword which means it increases the likelihood that we engage in health promoting behaviors and decreases the likelihood that we engage in more harmful behaviors.

And if that wasn’t enough Optimism breeds Hope, Courage, and Perseverance which are all necessary to unlocking our motivation to pursue worthy goals.

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Sample Client Projects

Unifirst: 4 Hour Corporate Wellness Workshop

BCBS of MA Onsite Wellness Coach

While working as the onsite wellness coach at Blue Cross, I did 1:1 coaching sessions, small group coaching, lectured on various health topics, taught exercise and meditation classes, wrote a coaching newsletter, and worked with business areas on their team specific wellness initiatives.

1:1 Coaching: I worked 1:1 with over 1000 different employees, delivering well over 5000 individual sessions.

Seminars/Workshops/Lunch and Learns: In my corporate wellness career, I developed curriculum for 30+ health lectures including, but not limited to, the following topics.

  • Mindfulness, Stress Mastery and emotional well being series,
  • Positive psychology and emotional thriving series,
  • Holistic perspective on Health and Wellness
  • Behavior Change and Goal Setting
  • Weight loss
  • Orthopedic and joint health series,
  • Motivation to exercise series, and more.

Topics were repeated to give employees various opportunities to attend when the time or need arose. Since Blue Cross had a large work from home base before the pandemic, I also conducted every in person lecture topic online or via teleconference, and during the pandemic continued to lecture online. Thus, I am prepared to present virtually.

In total in this role, I presented around 1000 seminars/lunch and learn presentations and have a mastery of the content.  Outside of this role, I have an extensive teaching background and spent about 15 years teaching health and fitness professionals from a large university to major fitness organizations.  I teach therefore I am 🙂

At Blue Cross, when asked I would work with a specific team or business area to create customized workshops and presentations. It varied from 10 minute stretch breaks or facilitating wellness challenges for small teams all the way to in-person keynotes for 250+ people. During the pandemic I facilitated a live workshop for 300+ people online titled Making the Best of Working from Home: Shifting your mindset for Thriving.

Exercise Classes: I taught various exercises classes, Stretching to Undo Sitting, Core Strengthening and Stretching for your Lower Back, Total Body Workout, Intro to Tai Chi, and also had a series of physical therapy like exercises classes such as Taking Care of your Knees, or Taking Care of Your Shoulders.

Coaching Newsletter: I wrote a motivational coaching newsletter. Sometimes there would be “health information” in the newsletter, but it was more often about mindset, psychology, behavior change, or coaching principles. 

My newsletter was something that I was very proud of, and people would often ask me if they could forward my messages to friends or family outside of the company.  I only added people who I interacted with in some health coaching capacity (1:1, lectures, or exercise classes) and it was over 1900 people.  I saw the newsletter as a way for me to communicate coaching concepts, strengthen relationships, and keep the momentum going in between when I could see people in person.

I’ve got lots of ideas and lots of experience, so let’s chat to see how I might be able to serve you and your organization.

In addition, if you are planning on starting a corporate wellness program or would like to increase engagement or expand your current wellness offerings, I can consult with you on potential project ideas.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you.

Yours in Health

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