You already know there are many Benefits of Optimism. And as a health and wellness coach, I believe our ability to cultivate optimism is one of the most important skills connected to improving health and well-being.

This page shares some articles and videos about the power of optimism and how it affects physical health and mental health.

Videos and Articles About Optimism

The #1 Most Important Wellness Tool: Key Thought: This is a brief argument for why our ability to cultivate optimism is the most important health and wellness tool.

Optimism and Your Health Webinar: 35 minute full webinar about the benefits of optimism.

Improving Well-Being and Longevity: Key Thought: Learn how optimism compares to not smoking, exercising, maintaining healthy blood pressure and cholesterol when it comes to longevity.

How to Build Optimism: Key Thought: Mental skills are just like physical skills, we can improve them with practice.

Signature Coaching Program Upping Your Optimism Game

I was inspired to create the group coaching program “Upping Your Optimism Game” because I saw all of my clients have emotional and mental well-being challenges connected to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The program can be delivered in the corporate wellness setting as a group coaching experience, or it can be delivered as a 1:1 or group guided coaching program.

Learn more about–> 1:1 Optimism Coaching

Learn more about–> Group Optimism Coaching

Learn more about Improving Employee Well-Being–> Corporate Optimism Coaching

I hope that I said something helpful in one of the videos or articles.

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